Paulina Krajewska

I was born and became educated in Krakow.

I graduated secondary school of fine arts and Academy of Fine Arts- graphics department. From the very first steps of my artistic carrer I’ve dealt with painting. I also make book ilustrations i.a. „Opowieści Dengbeżów”, „Baśnie i bajki kurdyjskie”- that was awarded „book of the year”. I co-created book covers for Fr. Andrzej Muszal’s books e.g. „Jak modlił się Jezus”, „Modlitwa w ciszy”.

I have a great passion for icons. Fascination with icons and spirituality of the east has been with me since high school. Awareness that there is an image that is more than just an image, an object, but sacred image- became particularly close to me. With time, this passion for icons turned into a desire to create such images on my own, based on the Holy Bible, using traditional materials- linden board, handmade paints, quietness of a prayer.

Another area of art that I practice is landscape painting. Painted in the colors of silence views of the sky, trees, forest, and birds. Synthetic, economical in the means of expression, in gray, pastel colors. Shown at individual exhibitions at the “Solvay” Gallery and “Format” Gallery in Krakow.

My icons. Small icons. Small, because God also reveales himself in what is small. This is because I wanted to talk about Inconceivable and Inscrutable precisely because of that by using thumbnails, modesty of forms and simplicity of expression. A small, simple form to stop the viewer, invite to contemplation to get closer to the mystery written in every heart.

My works are in private collections in the country and abroad.


Archdiocese Museum in Krakow

National Museum in Lviv, Ukraine. Outdoor exhibition of International Workshops of the Creators of Icons from Nowica

New Era Art Gallery In Krakow

Library of the University of Warsaw collective exhibition of International Workshops of the Creators of Icons from Nowica

Minsk Belarus collective exhibition of the International Workshops of the Creators of Icons from Nowica